Detailed Scientific Program (as of 24 May 2024)

21 June 2024 (Friday)

Time Speakers
0800-0805 Opening Address  
0805-1000 Session 1: Root, Ascending and Arch: Endo, Open or Hybrid  
0805-0810 Case Presentation
0810-0820 Valve sparing aortic root surgery. When and how to do it? For surgeons new to David’s operation Prof Tetsuro UCHIDA
0820-0830 Management of the aortic arch with FET and distal aortic endografting: The US EXTEND registry Prof Wilson SZETO
0830-0840 250 TARFETs with E-vita OPEN NEO for 3 years in Korea Prof Suk-Won SONG
0840-0850 Cerebral Protection in Frozen Elephant Trunk Procedure Adj A/Prof Vitaly SOROKIN
0850-0900 Hybrid method of treating complex aortic disease A/Prof Nguyen Huu UOC
0900-0910 Endovascular Aortic Arch Repair with three Inner Branch Stent Graft; King Chulalongkorn Memorial experience Dr Kritaya KRITAYAKIRANA
0910-0920 Combined Aortic Root and Total Arch Replacement – When, Who and How? Prof Yutaka OKITA
0920-0930 Branched endografts for aortic arch: technical challenges and lessons learned Prof Stephen CHENG
0930-0940 Zone 0 Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair in High Risk Patients Dr Jason LIN
0940-1000 Discussion
1000-1030 Coffee Break and Healthcare Industry Exhibition   
1030-1230 Session 2: Acute Aortic Dissection  
1030-1040 Case Presentation
1040-1050 Insights from the PERSEVERE trials for Acute DeBakey I Aortic dissection Prof Wilson SZETO
1050-1100 Lessons learned from management of 500 acute Type A Aortic Dissection Prof Marek EHRLICH
1100-1110 Is TEVAR an Optimal Strategy for Retrograde Type A Intramural Haematoma Dr I Hui WU
1110-1120 A novel sutureless total arch replacement for acute type A aortic dissection in hybrid operation  Dr Chien-Hwa CHANG
1120-1130 When to Use a Bare Stent in Acute Type B Aortic Dissections Dr Vikram PUTTASWAMY
1130-1140 Approach to acute limb ischaemia in ATAAD Dr Takuya FUJIKAWA
1140-1150 Decoding the optimal management of Acute IMH Dr Simon CHOW
1150-1200 Early preemptive intervention for residual type B DAA Dr Jimmy TAN
1200-1210 Best medical therapy is the standard for uncomplicated acute type B aortic dissection  Dr Yiu-Che CHAN
1210-1230 Discussion
1230-1330 COOK Medical Lunch Symposium
Proven Endovascular Techniques to Treat TAAAs
1230-1235 Introduction  
1235-1245 TAAA Off the shelf solution: t-branch Prof Chun Che SHIH
1245-1255 When t-branch is not suitable: CMD portfolio To be advised
1255-1305 Customize the device to patient´s anatomy- Unique design features Prof Bijan MODARAI
1305-1315 When to use inner branches Vs Inner/Outer branches Dr Athanasios KATSARGYRIS
1315-1330 Discussion  
1330-1500 Session 3: Chronic Aortic Dissection  
1330-1335 Case Presentation
1335-1345 New anastomotic device in open aortic surgery Prof Marek EHRLICH
1345-1355 Strategies for branched and fenestrated endografting in patients with chronic aortic dissection and what are the unmet needs Prof Bijan MODARAI
1355-1405 Open thoracoabdominal surgery for chronic type B dissection Prof Kay-Hyun PARK
1405-1415 Left Thoracotomy surgery for total arch and descending repalcement in Chronic aortic dissection Dr Kenske OZAKI
1415-1425 Tentative:  Optimal remodelling after TEVAR for type B aortic dissections Prof Chun Che SHIH
1425-1435 Chronic Type B Aortic Dissection: Endo, Open or Hybrid? Dr Worawong SLISATKORN
1445-1500 Discussion
1500-1530 Coffee Break and Healthcare Industry Exhibition   
1530-1630 Session 4: Dawn of A New Era in Descending and Thoracoabdominal Aortic Repair  
1530-1540 Recorded case: Fenestrated repair of post-dissection thoracoabdominal aneurysm Prof Bijan MODARAI
1540-1550 Is coeliac artery fenestration stenting necessary in Fenestrated EVAR?  Dr Glenn TAN
1550-1600 Open repair for complex thoracic and thoracoabdominal aorta pathology in TCVGH, Taiwan Dr Chung Lin TSAI
1600-1610 Predictive Factors for complications during F/BEVAR Dr Athanasios KATSARGYRIS
1610-1630 Discussion 
1800-2130 Faculty Dinner (By Invitation only)   


22 June 2024 (Saturday)

Time Speakers
0800-0830 Edwards Lifesciences Breakfast Symposium  
0800-0805 Introduction  
0805-0825 Konect BioBentall device Prof Randolph WONG
0825-0830 Discussion  
0905-1055 Session 5: Aortic Reinterventions  
0905-0915 Our Worst Case?
0915-0925 Open or complex endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms: How to make the right choice in 2024 Prof Bijan MODARAI
0925-0935 Stent Graft Explantation Open aortic surgery – a rapidly growing new specialty Dr Kenske OZAKI
0935-0945 Preemptive AAA Sac Management: Do we need it, and does device selection matter Assoc Prof Andrew HOLDEN
0945-0955 Upper access in BEVAR: results in 350 cases: is stroke a problem and should we really abandon this approach? Dr Athanasios KATSARGYRIS
0955-1005 Management of type II endoleaks Dr Nantiskarn CHANPEN
1005-1015 Open surgical management of type III endoleak Dr Jacky HO
1015-1025 Initial Experience with Inner-branch Endografts - How do they compare to Fenestrated & Branched Endografts Dr Yew Pung LEONG
1025-1035 Modern imaging technology in endoleak management Dr Peter ROBLESS
1035-1055 Discussion
1055-1130 Coffee Break and Healthcare Industry Exhibition   
1130-1255 Session 6: Customization Versus on Table Innovations  
1130-1140 Experience of on table fenestration in emergency EVAR Dr Hai Lei LI
1140-1150 Expanding options with custom made devices Prof Tze Tec CHONG
1150-1200 Handmade inner-branched stent graft for thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms Dr Jer Shen CHEN
1200-1210 Advantages and limitations of Inner Branches in the visceral aorta and how does the choice of bridging stent-graft play a role? Dr Athanasios KATSARGYRIS
1210-1230 Castor experience Prof Chang SHU
1230-1240 Tips and tricks in physician modified stent-grafts Dr Chung-Dann KAN
1240-1255 Discussion
1255-1355 Artivion Lunch Symposium
Complex TAAA, AAA & iBEVAR Solutions
1255-1305 Aortoiliac aneurysm treatment with E-Tegra and E-iliac: A single center, retrospective case series Assoc Prof Piyanut POOTRACOOL
1305-1315 Science of iBEVAR -  Why it works Dr Vikram PUTTASWAMY
1315-1325 Current and emerging data with iBEVAR Assoc Prof Andrew HOLDEN
1325-1335 Preservation of the Internal Iliac: Treatment of Bilateral 7cm Internal Iliac aneurysms Prof Tze Tec CHONG
1335-1345 Thailand Extra Design multibranch stent graft experience Dr Boonprasit KRITPRACHA
1345-1355 Discussion  
1355-1530 Session 7: Controversies in the Abdominal Aorta   
1355-1405 Our Worst Case?
1405-1415 Endovascular salvage of failed EVAR Dr Kiattisak HONGKU
1415-1425 Treating diverse abdominal anatomies – current technology assessment (Tentative) Dr Boonprasit KRITPRACHA
1425-1435 Endoanchors experience in difficult aortic neck Dr Ahmad RAFIZI HARIZ
1435-1445 Outcome of Endovascular Interventions for Mycotic Aortic Aneurysms Dr Benjamin LEONG
1445-1455 AAA screening – current evidence update Dr Dharmaraj RAJESH BABU
1455-1505 Management of internal iliac artery aneurysms Dr Skyi PANG
1505-1515 The Impact of Ruptured AAA Repair Protocol on 30-day Mortality Dr Khamin CHINSAKCHAI
1515-1530 Discussion
1530-1550 Coffee Break and Healthcare Industry Exhibition   
1550-1700 Session 8:  New Technologies and Research   
1550-1600 Novel aortic arch devices from China Prof Chang SHU
1600-1610 Shape memory polymer and endoleak management:  HK experience Dr Kei Kwong WONG
1610-1620 Growth Stabilizing Therapy for Small to Medium-sized AAA: Clinical data from a first-in-human study  Assoc Prof Andrew HOLDEN
1620-1630 Tips and tricks for open retroperitoneal exposure of the aorta and all its abdominal branches Prof Kamphol LAOHAPENSANG
1630-1640 Radiogenomics application in thoracic aortic pathologies Prof Randolph WONG
1640-1650 A New Endosuture System(Vesteck) for Enhanced Endograft Fixation and Seal Assoc Prof Andrew HOLDEN
1650-1700 Discussion
1700-1705 Closing Remarks  

The programme is subject to change without prior notice.



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